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Ideas and resources to help kids love maths in the 21st Century


You can find assorted resources aimed at students studying from KS3 through to early University. They are colour-coded depending on the type of resource as follows:



Want to do something a little bit more fun and exciting? These activities are designed to stretch the curriculum and provide interesting real-life context to help pupils gain a deeper understanding and love of  maths. Expect lots of media, problems and challenges.


Ever been told you have one week to teach all trigonometry?These resources are designed to help deliver key concepts efficiently so that pupils can feel confident going into an exam situation. Expect clear and concise explanations, short tasks and past paper questions.

IT Suite

Do your pupils have access to a computer either in school or at home? These activities  use technology to learn and have fun with mathematics and computing. Expect interactive activities, games and use of data..



Here’s where you can find short demos of innovative, fun and exciting ways for teachers and learners to engage with learning maths. It is also a showcase of some of the ideas I have a strong personal interest in and would like to find opportunities to develop further


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