Hi, and thanks for stumbling onto my website. My name is Chris Clarke, and I started this site to try and share some of the resources and ideas that have found their way to me whilst working in maths education over the past few years.

Logo-SquareI started my path towards maths education whilst studying a Maths and Physics degree and the University of Warwick. There I fell in love with teaching whilst a member of their Warwick in Africa outreach programme, spending my summers working in township schools in South Africa. From there I spent a short time working as a TA before completing my PGCE at King’s College, London. I decided to move to South Africa for a year and a half to follow a fantastic opportunity to work with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) as part of their School Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC). On return to the UK I returned to teaching maths and computer science at Impington Village College in Cambridge, before again moving back to Africa to work with the African Maths Initiative (AMI), based in Kenya. I also helped to found it’s UK partner charity SAMI and completed a part-time Masters in Mathematics Education with King’s College, London. I once again returned to the UK to take on another teaching position at the Lycee Charles de Gaul in London, before taking a slight career change into my current job as a mobile app developer for the Statistical Services Centre (SSC), based in the University of Reading.

MrCExperiments3I have always been passionate about maths education, and in particular mathematical problem solving and the use of technology. I hope to one day be able to pull my combined experiences and skills together to help develop highly interactive, rich and exciting learning materials for learners worldwide. I also believe strongly in equal access to education for all, and as such do my best to ensure anything I create is open for all.

This site is a first step towards making resources I have come across or developed more widely accessible, as well as way to try and get to know more people in the education communities. Resources you find will have been developed in many different and varied settings, from my own classrooms in the UK and South Africa, to maths camps I have helped to run in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and London – as well as just free time musings and personal hobbies. A large number of things are still in a rough or draft state because unfortunately I struggle to find the time to polish ever-changing thoughts and ideas, but if anything does interest you in particular let me know as I’m always looking for more reasons to develop and work with others.

If you’ve got any question or ideas for the resources, experiments or anything else it would be great to hear from you! Please use the comment section below materials to provide your feedback and suggestions, alternatively if you want to contact me directly then send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form on the right.


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