Round the World Bearing Treasure Hunt Using Google Maps
Needs development
This is an idea I had a while back and initial research made it seem like a reasonably straight forward taks to create. Hopefully I'll find some time this term to investigate further and start having something that can be shown to others.
Immersive Maths Using VR and pro game design tools
This was a discussion point that arose when I was working on my masters thesis and with the rise of devices such as oculus rift and opening of software such as the unreal engine it's something I can see having huge potential in the not too distant future. I'm hoping to find time to really investigate over the summer.
Really Formative Feedback Enhanced data visulaisations for exam feedback
Summer project?
I've been doing a fair bit of work recently on how to collect, visualise and feedback data. I'm hoping to use these newly acquired skills to demonstrate innovative ways school data can be used to improve learning. Think along the lines of highly detailed analysis of test results that tell a student exactly where they went wrong and what they need to do better next time in a friendly and aesthetically pleasing way.
Learning with 'Real' Games Adapting commercial games for learning
Another summer project?
Another one that game from my masters, people are now starting to make good progress in adapting commercial games for learning, I want to see if I can do it too!
The Incredible Mechanics Machine (TIMM) Learning mechanics through puzzles and physics games
Passing thought
I just had an idea that it could be quite fun to create a game that teaches core mechanics principles using physics games. I can imagine learners building scenarios given (akin to drawing the diagram), adding and applying various forces and trying to reach some target goal.
It probably doesn't make much sense at the moment, if I can find some time I'll try to put together a few little demos or mockups.