In this test-ready series I’ll be hoping to cover the essentials of questions involving angles. To start here is an 8-page workbook and PowerPoint presentation that goes through interior and exterior angles of regular polygons.


I like to print a copy of the pdf and use the photocopier booklet function to turn them into proper a5 double sided booklets (8 pages nicely fills 2 pages A4). There is the brief mention of tessellations as an extension problem, if you want to take this further then there is plenty of enriching ideas surrounding the artwork of Escher, or even trying to create tilings where angles around a point don’t sum to 360 degrees (this is of course impossible in flat Euclidean space, however other spaces allow it: e.g. 5 joining 5 equilateral triangles at a point will make a nice icosahedron, or with smoothing you’re looking more at spherical geometry, 7 and some smoothing and you’re looking at hyperbolic geometry).

When I can next find time I’ll try to put up a similar set of resources for angles between parallel lines, and I imagine in another post some of my favourite resources for teaching circle theorems.