This test-ready series covers the main aspects of trigonometry. We start with right-angled trig and an 8-page handout for students to complete which works great when printed as a booklet (There’s usually a photocopy setting to make 2-page A4 double sided booklets), as well as a powerpoint with the follow-through examples and answers to exercises. Most of the questions have been sampled from the Collins Edexcel textbook and Mathswatch ebook. The problem on the front (and solution) can be found at the GreatMathsTeachingIdeas website. I hope you find the resource useful.

Right-Angled Trig Cover

I’m currently polishing up a similar set of resources that covers sine, cosine and area rules, as well as a few additional revision resources. I hope to have them up here soon so make sure to subscribe or check back. If you have any questions or comments feel free to use the space below or contact page, it’d be great to hear from you.