Every year I work with people in my department to put together lots of revision resources on the run up to GCSE exams. Find below a number of short booklets on various topics around B to A* grade, as well as sets of revision flashcards.

Number Booklet  Geometry 1 Booklet Stats Booklet

The booklets work well if printed as an A5 book. The notes sections have been left blank (either for the teacher to suggest whole class notes or students to write their own as they go), there are some example notes in the powerpoint out of view of the page (zoom out the slide and they should be surrounding, however these are far from comprehensive).

Algebra Flashcards   Geometry Flashcards   Number Flashcards   Statistics Flashcards


Second are sets of flashcards for each topic area. I’ve tried to add lots of little links within both powerpoint and pdf so that they should be ‘flippable’ in either format (great if you want to put on a device for quick revision on the go, or use in class for starters or plenaries).